The Toughest 15 Minute Workout Ever…

iStock 000017514979XSmall 300x199 The Toughest 15 Minute Workout Ever...Want to get in a challenging workout but short on time?

Try this t-shirt drenching 15 minute circuit I came up with today…

How to do the workout:

Set your timer for 2:1 = 2 minutes of cardio followed by 1 minute of abs

There are 5 circuits each 3 minutes (2:1) = 15 minutes. Do all 5 circuits back to back without a break. 

Circuit #1 – Jumping Jacks, High Knees, and Sit-ups

Circuit #2 – Burpees, Butt Kicks, Plank (on elbows or palms)

Circuit #3 – Plyo-Split Squats, Squat + Lateral Kick, Bicycles

Circuit #4 – Plank Jacks, Slaloms, Reverse Crunch

Circuit #5 – Jogging in Place, Squat Jacks, Walk-Outs


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5 Comments "The Toughest 15 Minute Workout Ever…"

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