Ask DC’s Toughest Trainer: “How do I get motivated?”

staymotivated 199x300 Ask DCs Toughest Trainer: How do I get motivated?Dear Kimberly,

I’m not motivated; I know getting fit is something I want really bad. My daughter is 4 years old now and I still look at my stomach and get disgusted, I really let it get out of control. My stomach is my main problem area I have a muffin top, and I’m a slim girl. I have no idea where to start. I will admit that I do drink a lot of soda and eat junk food. I am aware that that’s the cause. I also eat late at night. What I’m asking you for is your help! 



Dear Meisha,

The first place you start in getting fit and healthy is stating the obvious – you drink to much soda, eat junk, and late at night.

And no mention of movement…

Most people know what their problem areas are but fail to commit to making some meaningful adjustments to their lifestyle to see results long term. I keep it real…and simple.

1. Get up off the couch and use your daughter as your main MOTIVATION!

What child is happy if their mama is not happy and being totally engaged in their life?

2.  Put down the soda, pick up water – period.

3. Put down the junk; pick up healthy and delicious snacks like nuts, yogurt, protein shakes – period

4. Eat during the day before 8 pm - period. Nothing that late at night except water.

5. Instead of being up late eating – hit the gym/home workout.

The more you move, the more excited you will be with the prospects of getting fit. If  you want to get a good plan (food, exercise, lifestyle tips etc), you can check out my book 30 Day Fitness Blueprint. 

Good luck, you can fix you- but YOU have to want it for real tho! From there positive things start happening!


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