Roll your way to better workouts

Foam Roller Roll your way to better workoutsSore after your workouts?

Hopefully the main reason is because you are kicking butt in the gym. But also its because your muscles get tight and over time this will increase the chances of injury. The first part of your workout should consist of 5-10 minutes of warm-up cardio. For the next 5-15 minutes you should spend some time rolling your way to a better workout.

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Next, complete your strength workout and cool down with another 5 minutes of rolling or stretching with bands.

Here are 3 sample moves on the roller that will keep you feeling good and in the game!

Glute Roll

foamrollerbutt 300x184 Roll your way to better workouts







Back Roll

foamrollingback 300x255 Roll your way to better workouts










Calf Roll

calf foam rolling 300x255 Roll your way to better workouts

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