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MealPlanHeader3 Meal plans iStock 000016404685XSmall1 300x261 Meal plans Are you training hard and not seeing any results?

I know it can be very frustrated but when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off–what you eat (diet) is 80% of the deal. Rather than just telling you to eat healthy and assuming you know what that really looks like, I’m sharing the the meal plans that have helped my clients get in the best shape of their lives.

No more trying to figure this thing out–all the hard work has been done for you! Each meal plan is created by a registered dietitian (valued at over $100) and includes a convenient shopping list!

Choose which plan works best for your lifestyles and fitness goals. Once you purchase, you’ll receive your plan immediately via PDF download.

You can add more calories depending on your specific needs and activity level. Find out how many calories you need here.


7-day plans are only $7 and the 21-day fruit detox is only $21!


LowCarb Meal plans

Studies suggest that restricting certain carbs can help you lose weight. This meal plan focuses on fat as the primary energy source and incorporates lean meats like  fish, chicken, turkey and low fat dairy products like yogurt, milk, cheeses and even ice cream! This low carb meal plan is approximately 1300 calories (women) and 1900 calories (men) and provides a 7 day menu consisting of 5-6 meals each day. The macro-nutrient ratios average 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat for the seven day period. You can add more calories based on your specific needs & activity level.


Download Low Carb Women                Download Low Carb Men    


LowFat Meal plans

Fat gets a lot of the attention for many good reasons. Fat can raise cholesterol levels in the blood, increasing a person’s risk for heart disease. But in order to lose fat we do need some “good fats.”  This 7-day menu is not only low in fat–but also low in cholesterol and incorporates healthy fats (mono and poly-unsaturated).

The emphasis within the plan is on adding more fiber, whole grains, and vegetables while providing lean protein sources from fish, turkey, and chicken.

This meal plan has approximately 1300 calories (women) and 1700 calories (men) with macro-nutrient ratios averaging 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 20% fat for the 7-day period. The cholesterol intake averages less than 120 mg per day.

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Fruit Detox Meal plans

This 21-day meal plan is a perfect jump start to your fitness program. The first 14-days of the plan consists of mostly fruit, nuts and grains which are fabulous at curbing your sweet tooth and keeping you feeling full.  The final 7 days of the 21-day plan moves away from the detox phase and follows a strict low glycemic plan where the glycemic index rating of all carbohydrates is no higher than 55. This means higher sustained energy levels and better metabolic management for weight control. Some of the meals on the last week include chicken stir fry, turkey wraps, grilled chicken or pork, bean burritos, and tons of delicious veggie options.

This meal plan has approximately 1200 calories (women) and 1600 calories (men) with macro-nutrient ratios averaging 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 20% fat for the 7-day period.

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Stay tuned…New Meal Plans Will Be Added Soon!